Carnivore Feeding Experience



1 hour
Age 12+

Feeling a little bit more daring? Fancy getting involved in feeding some of our carnivores face to face! 

A keeper will guide you into enclosures to feed a variety of carnivores from foxes, meerkats, genets, mongoose, civets, birds of prey and even a ferocious reptile! Find out all about these meat-eating creatures from your guide and their amazing adaptations and hunting skills. 

This is a 1-hour long experience and will be delivered behind the scenes and after opening hours. Have exclusive access as you assist the keepers with the end of day protein feed at the zoo! 

Age- Our carnivore feeding experience is for aged 12+ (any participants under 18yrs, must be accompanied by an adult)

Our Carnivore Feeding experience can be delivered everyday 4-5pm.