Exotic Zoo

Our Natural History Museum is now open!

Come and take a trip through time with us!

 Visit our brand new Natural History Museum at Exotic Zoo in Telford! Meet one of our real dinosaur skeletons, sure to engage visitors, young and old. The collection is brimming with surprises like a full size T-rex Skull part real and part cast of real T-rex Stan! A sabre tooth tiger skull and a complete Ichthyosaurs as well as a fossil of an Elephant bird egg, the largest egg ever laid. 

Explore our whole museum with extinct animals spanning from the start of time up to the recent Dodo! 

We can’t wait to welcome you!

Natural History Museum Exotic Zoo

He is part real! From finds in hells creek USA and the rest is a real cast from the world famous Stan, one of the most famous complete Rex’s ever found.

Exotic Zoo