Armadillo Experience



30 minutes
Age 5+

Fancy something a little bit different? Well maybe our armadillo experience is for you? Visitors are always fascinated when they see our cheeky armadillos running around like little tanks… We are offering a VIP experience to meet them up close and personal. Exotic Zoo is home to two very different types of armadillo

The huge 6 banded armadillo will love to come out and meet you for a head rub and some hand feeding while our tiny 3 banded armadillos will have you mesmerised as you learn all about their amazing armour and adaptions. This is a real treat not to miss.

Entry into the zoo is included in your experience. After you have met our amazing Armadillos, you can have an explore around the zoo to see our other awesome animals.

Age- Our Armadillo experience id for aged 5+ (All children must be accompanied by a full paying adult in the experience)