Here are a selection of current educational experiences we offer to Secondary schools

Food Chains

Exploring the vast variety of different food chains and focusing on adaptations for predators to hunt and prey animals to protect themselves. Pupils will get to handle a variety of invertebrates and vertebrates from varying classifications.


Looking at evidence that life has changed over a long period of time. Meeting a python that has claws which once had legs, a millipede that once lived in the ocean and now lives on land and many more examples of changes. Exploring how and why they have needed to adapt to ever changing environments.


An insight to the incredible biodiversity in this habitat. Pupils will identify the structure of a rainforest, how to look after the environment by sustainability and conversation. Meeting some amazing exotic rainforest predators lurking in the different layers hoping to catch some very well adapted and camouflage prey animals.


Identifying key variations between the animals in different classifications. Pupils will meet various exotic species from a number of classifications, some of which have been subject to selective breeding and pros and cons will be explained in comparison to wild type species.


Exploring different habitats globally and having a hands on experience with different animals from the rainforest or desert. Looking in depth at the adaptations of these animals to help them survive in some extreme habitats.

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