New Zoo Coming Soon!

We are now closed at our current site.

Construction is well underway on our new zoo at the Telford Town Park.

Follow us on social media to watch our journey.


Explore our Rainforest Zone, Desert Zone, Nocturnal Area and our fun petting farm. Exotic Zoo is a great learning experience for young and old visitors alike. Explore the different zones and lean about exciting habitats around the world and the animals that call them their homes. Learn about conservation efforts to save endangered animals and even meet some of them in person.

We believe interacting with some of the friendly animals at Exotic Zoo can be the inspiration young people need to respect our environment and give them a life long enthusiasm for wildlife.

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Follow our journey to buidling our brand new zoo at the telford town park. Our opening date will be announced soon.

VIP Animal Experiences

Check out our VIP animal experiences! Join our keepers when the zoo is closed as they care for some of our amazing animals! Explore the zoo when it is closed and meet your favourite animals at feeding time. Learn about them as you care for them and get some once in a life time photo opportunities. As always all proceeds go to our animal care, conservation work and community work.

Young Adventurers
Coming soon

For the budding mini adventurer why not join our ‘young explorers club!’ Young people can join up to an exciting club and earn their stripes during every visit. Work your way up the ranks as you complete difficulty levels each time you visit! We will keep you up to date with young explorer news and events taking place at Exotic Zoo especially for club members. Book a young explorer birthday party or attend a young explorer holiday club.

Its fun, its wild and its only for young people! Visit us for more info