Here are a selection of current educational experiences we offer to nurseries


Explore what a minibeast is and have an up close encounter with a large range of exotic insects, arachnids and other creepy crawlies from around the world. This is a great sensory experience for the children as they get to experience the sensations on their fingertips of lots of textures and body types… even a tickle off our friendly millepede ‘Millie’ with her 300 legs!

Caring for Animals

 Find out what different animals need for basic survival and how we can provide that for them. Introducing a range of exotic animals from different habitats including rainforest, desert and grassland animals.


Looking at how to care for different pet animals including mammals, birds and reptiles. This experience is a chance for children to handle some more unusual pet animals as well as some well known ones.

Life Cycles

Step into spring and discovery why animals have babies this time of year. Look at the life cycles of a wide range of exotic animals including insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


Explore what amazing super senses animals have to help them find their way around in the dark helping them to hunt and survive. Look at a range of British nocturnal animals as well as exotic animals.


We’ll bring some real life creepy animals to your Halloween themed party from a terrifying tarantula, a scary scorpion or even a slithering snake. All of which of course are very friendly and looks are definitely deceiving!

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