Higher Education

We have the facilities at our education centre to host and staff the whole practice element
of higher education course or maybe just cover an exciting single unit.

Higher Education

We can even write and provide bespoke lesson plans!

Some of the previous units we have run include…

  • Control and restraining of dangerous and toxic animals
  • Handle animals to enable student to work affectively with them
  • Select and prepare accommodation for animals
  • Maintain animal accommodation
  • Prepare and provide feed and water to animals
  • Enrichment for zoo animals
  • Moving animals between locations inc. load and unload animals for transportation
  • Provide controlled exercise opportunities for animals
  • Maintain the cleanliness and bio security of the animal care working environment

We also provide team building, careers and inspirational talks that are exciting and engaging.

Courses and workshops for hard to reach and vulnerable students

We have a safe and engaging environment to run our special courses aimed at hard to reach and vulnerable groups.

From an hour workshop to a full 10 week course and everything in-between, we tailor our courses to fit in with your needs. We know everyone is very different and we aim to work with you to provide what can some times be a life changing experience. We can offer easy going hands on experiences or even ASDAN accredited courses in animal care.

Whether you are looking to tap into the health and wellbeing benefits of working with animals, or capitalise on the engaging and exciting educational experience that could re-engage students or teach new life skill to get into education or work, we have just what you are looking for!

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